The difference between these forms of contract was particularly important in the past, as the corresponding form determined whether a subsequent purchaser of the land would be „bound“ (obliged to maintain) the rights granted under the contract and which land registry requirements applied. Code reforms introduced in 2017 have addressed this issue. Regardless of the form of the code agreement (Wayleave or Serviment), a title holder (owners or subsequent purchasers) remains bound by previously agreed code rights. It`s obvious that a code agreement can last much longer than originally planned by the landowner (and perhaps last longer than the term of the tenant`s lease requesting fiber optic cabling). A standard roadmap form cannot prevent this, but it can at least guarantee that the notice period is not longer than what is required by the Code. If a communications network operator is to use the country of another Party to install, operate or maintain a digital communications network or system, it must obtain the consent of the other Party. Ideally, this comes down to an existing agreement to sign and simply secure the correspondence to describe the details. You may also be able to free up contractors and deadlines, but by understanding the context in which they perform each game. This covers the obvious (leases), but can extend to roadmaps, licenses, and even approval letters that an operator may ask you to sign and return. Entering into a code agreement means that the operator is granted powerful „code rights“, whether or not the parties have formally agreed to these terms. Roadmap agreements are particularly important because they apply not only to the landowner who took them over, but also to their „successors in title“, i.e.

to anyone who has purchased and owned the property since the conclusion of the contract. So if you buy a property with a Wayleave deal, there is a chance that you will also buy the contract and therefore give the energy company the right to use your land to power the country. You should therefore seek the legal advice of your guarantor if you believe that the property you are buying is subject to a Wayleave agreement. The Code sets out, among other things, how a court should determine the financial terms of rights under the Code (if they cannot be obtained on a voluntary basis and considers it appropriate to impose an agreement). Then also think about the time factors, including how quickly all this needs to happen for connectivity and if before a main rental documentation and also in the future when the user leaves or changes and how the facilities are deleted or passed on to someone else. A roadmap is a contractual agreement between a landowner or landlord and a telecommunications provider in which the landowner grants the network operator a licence to access land and/or land, install and/or maintain electronic communications equipment. .