Although the fund is short at $20, Robert can`t deduct that money from Jenny`s wages. It is because the price does not allow it, that the trigger would not benefit Jenny and that would be unreasonable in the circumstances. A deduction that benefits an employer and corresponds to a premium, a registered contract or a contract is appropriate in limited situations. RCW 43.17.240 requires that interest of one per cent per month be deducted from outstanding debts, including claims on un recovered compensation payments. Exceptions are provided if one of the following conditions is met: if the Agency finds that the costs of the contracting hearing agency exceed the amount of the overpayment to be equalized, it may agree with the worker to write off the overpayment and, therefore, to repay the debt. At this point, it is important that the Agency consider the amount of overpayment and estimated costs in order to obtain a recovery for each available remediation option. If the Agency has questions about legal rights and responsibilities, questions should be directed to the Agency`s deputy attorney general. A deduction may be made to recover an overpayment if it is authorized by a registered agreement (and the employee accepts it), supplement, legislation or order of the Fair Work Commission. provided that the overpayment is not considered to be in arre with it, while a complaint is settled. Some premiums have a clause that allows an employer to deduct money from a worker`s salary without their consent. If a registered agreement authorizes the deduction, the employee must still approve the deduction. Overpayment, as used in RCW 49.48.210, means a payment of wages for a salary period greater than the amount earned for a salary period.

Deductions must be on the employee`s payslip as well as in time and salary statements. When a worker decides to leave his job at a public agency to accept a job at another public agency, the losing agency bears the balance of the overpayment on the state transfer account, counts 035, wages and ancillary benefits, main book code 1324. The losing agency communicates to the worker the current net balance of the overpayment in accordance with subsection 25.80.10 and gives the employee the opportunity to renegotiate the repayment agreement.