For the processing of an outgoing sub-prime, the following documents are required: For SIO service contracts, please contact Andrea Lupu at the Outgoing sub-premiums can be defined as a formal and binding legal agreement between the University of California, San Diego („UCSD“) and a non-UCSD unit in which „Incoming“ refers to cash flow – as part of a comprehensive service agreement at UC San Diego, UCSD PI is paid to perform routine services, procedures or tests. Due to the complexity and clarity of each subawards, each transaction period may vary. The subawards require the writing and negotiation of a new agreement and the addressing of the terms found in the main price. The requirements for each subcontractor vary depending on the sponsor, the volume of work and the nature of the unit (i.e. from abroad, which is profit-oriented). A research agreement on the funding by UC San Diego of an employee, of which an intellectually important part of the research is carried out by the collaborator (Subrecipient). These service contracts are contracts between UC San Diego and a (non-federal) customer whose client pays UC San Diego for service delivery, and the service will not result in the development or improvement of intellectual property. The Office of Contract and Grant Administration serves our valued research community with quality expertise to support sponsored research proposals and market management. We are committed to providing fast, efficient and welcoming services through personal interactions and automated processes, and we are committed to ensuring that UC San Diego`s contract and grant process is the best in the classroom. The ocga Ancillary Research Agreements team processes outgoing subaward agreements. Learn how to apply for a service contract provided by BKSD for a non-research project in which a customer pays UCSD for services. Learn more about outgoing sub-price guidelines and how to start with a new Subaward requirement.

This form is intended for UC San Diego departments and PIs to apply for unfunded agreements that are processed by OCGA Business Contracts. In principle, an outgoing Multi Campus Award is a subaward going to another UC campus. This agreement is used when the San Diego UC must send funds to another campus to carry out part of a research project. Only contract agents designated UC San Diego are allowed to sign contracts involving the university. The IP department that asks determines which office processes your incoming service contract. An agreement in which no funding for a previous, ongoing or future research project is exchanged. Click Next to verify and submit your request to finalize it and send it to us. After clicking on the shipment, you will receive automatic confirmation of the system. Our team will send you an email and a confirmation case number within 1-2 business days of our joint inbox, If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact us. Create a proposal development folder in Kuali Research to request a new service agreement or change to add time and/or funding. If your proposed sub-receiver has questions about the subrecipient`s form, he or she can contact the OCGA Subaward team under

Completion by department to request an unfunded agreement (for example. B CDA/NDA, DUA, MOU, etc.) For COVID-19 Research: PLEASE 1) please indicate in the application form below that the agreement supports COVID-19 research, and 2) send an email to the Ancillary Research Agreement team under to ensure that the agreement is identified as an urgent request related to COVID-19.