Early Decision (ED) is a mandatory admission method that allows students to apply at an early stage in a single school – usually their first choice – and commit to participating in acceptance. In an email to the Daily, Karen Richardson, dean of admissions and registration management, said she thought at least half of the 2022 class would come from the DE pool of candidates. „Serious and well-qualified candidates who know they want to enter tufts can apply for an early decision by March 15 of the graduate school year,“ the newsletter states. „Candidates have lost so many opportunities to feel about the campus, which was so important in my decision, which is why I think it`s important to give them time to reach out to current students and learn more about the Tufts experience,“ she said. Do not send financial assistance documents. If you cannot provide material through IDOC, scan the documentation and send the documentation to studentservices@tufts.edu or fax to (617) 627-3987. Despite this flexibility over time, Alyssa Blaise was not set up very early for tufts or other schools in the first year, because she was troubled by financial aid. „Tufts is proposing an early decision II because some students haven`t decided until November 1 that Tufts is their first choice,“ Richardson said. „ED II gives a student who knows that Tufts is the first choice to apply before January 1 and know their decision by mid-February.“ Finally, Michael Behnke, who was dean of admissions from 1976 to 1985, made early applications a fixed size on the hill, according to an article in Tufts Magazine in 2017.

„Our new deadline is the last workable deadline that we could set, which would allow us to continue to offer and conduct interviews with interested alumni, obtain all supporting evidence from schools, read and carefully discuss applications in our committee-based evaluation process, and make admission decisions by mid-December,“ Duck said. Richardson said, however, that Tufts would allow a student to withdraw from the Ed agreement for financial reasons, after working with the financial aid office to determine if a solution was possible. An early application is not a decision made. If you are accepted by early decision, you have agreed to come to Tufts. If your application is rejected, it will be removed from the pool of applicants and you will not be able to reapply for this year of study. The third possible result is that your application is postponed. If it is postponed, your application will be sent to the usual pool of candidates. You do not need to reapply and entry is no longer mandatory. Deferred ED applicants will receive their admission decision until April 1, when applicants will be informed by regular decisions. „I know that when I made my decision, I thought about it until the deadline and with two more weeks, it would have been very helpful,“ Shelburne wrote in an email to the Daily.

„We`re not going with a percentage set in the early process,“ Richardson told the Daily in an email.