How do they transform scientific communication? By facilitating discussions between researchers and library consortia, we realized that a toolkit was needed. This toolkit should be freely available to library consortia and publishers of learned societies when negotiating transformative agreements. The toolbox must be fully adaptable to protect these stakeholders from wheel reinvention. A. Plan S published in November 2019 an „Addendum to the cOAlition S Guidance on the Implementation of Plan S“ with additional updates announced on April 8, 2020. The addendum contains a framework of „criteria for transformative newspapers.“ It requires transformative reviews to meet all current Plan S policies with some remarkable supplements, including that publishers of transformative magazines must: cOAlition S Wellcome Partners and UKRI have also commissioned a project, in partnership with ALPSP to identify viable transition options and OA publishing models for scientific companies. The final results of the Society Publishers Accelerating Open Access and Plan S (SPA-OPS) project were published in September 2019. The results of the project include a report on 27 OA publishing models and strategies for companies, as well as a „transformative agreement toolkit.“ We start from the main releases of the report in this blog post. Institutions and consortia from around the world that have negotiated transformative agreements form the ESAC ( community, which meets to assess their individual and collective progress. Why should institutions translate transformation agreements into their open access strategies? There are many aspects of transformation agreements that are not defined in the definition of consensus that is emerging. For example, if the agreement includes all securities in a publishing house`s portfolio, if the agreement includes hybrid and fully open periodicals in that portfolio and if the payment for open publication ala carte is structured or is part of one of the components that are not specifically addressed as an all-you-can-publish-Buffet offer.

A transformative agreement for part of a publishing house`s portfolio may be supplemented by an additional agreement for other titles or service delivery. Plan S has put the concept of transformative agreements at the forefront of contemporary discussions, but these agreements – and the requirements they are developed – are well ahead of Plan S. Individual libraries, library consortia and national organizations often develop specific requirements for the transformative agreements they seek. For example, open access agreement requirements: Accelerating the Transition to Immediate and Worldwide Open Access offer guides for Jisc collections and uk higher education institutions. Negotiating Journal Agreements at UC: A Call to Action does the same for the University of California system. ESAC: The Efficiency and Standards for Article Charges provides a list of international negotiating principles.