Health, safety and environment 6. Publications and confidentiality 7. Subcontracting 8. Obligation to provide information 9. Right to examination 10. Cessation of examination 11. Cancelling a test 12. Liability 13. Payment commitments 14. Sign of commitment 15. Term Appendix 1 – Responsible Personnel Cornell`s Routine Testing Agreement (RPTA) is a mechanism by which an examiner can enter into a contract with a customer to obtain a proprietary product or device developed by the customer to test the test protocol. PIXELPlus is a company specialized in semiconductor design and specialized in the design, marketing/distribution of CMOS IMAGE SENSOR products, and Tesna is a semiconductor testing service; and the RPTA must be used without modification.

If the agreement is changed, it must be verified, approved, and managed by the Office of Sponsored Programs. .