Killer SAT Grammar is a very impressive grammar app. Although it was created for American students with their SATTs, British students will also benefit from teaching grammar in high school years before GCSE. The application works well as a standalone product for the rules of; Modifiers, verb-subject chord, direct expressions, the economy of expression, conflict of comparison, indeterminate pronouns and the combination of two sentences with a comma. English Grammar Book is an older grammar app. The Grammar Book option provides users with a complete index of grammatical terms (for example. B languages, rules of use, types of sentences, etc.). The English grammar book app helps children identify parts of the language in sentences. Grammaropolis is a complete and captivating application for young grammarists. Grammaropolis simulates a fun city populated by crazy characters who embody each of the eight parts of the language. The application version of Grammaropolis (there is also a web version) contains original songs, videos, books, quiz and games based on the eight parts of the language, all of which aim to make grammar fun for children. Reaching a great grammar with your students can be a big challenge (whether they are native or not), but grammar is one for the most important aspects of the English language – spoken and written. Whether in business correspondence, written reports or articles for blogging or printing, incorrect use of grammar can and will damage the credibility of the writing and author. These applications seem to be a simpler way to learn the basics of English grammar.

Here is a list of the best grammatical applications for iPhone and Android to protect you from spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuations and other writing problems. This English grammar app includes 25 grammar themes, 600 interactive activities and thousands of fill questions, multiple choices and word comparison. Grammatical questions use 10 unique types of activities such as in-the-blanks filling, multiple choice and wordplay. Johnny Grammars Word Challenge is one of the most popular grammatical applications. It`s an exciting time quiz game where learners have to face the clock and answer as many grammar, vocabulary and spelling questions as possible in 60 seconds.