The Spanish football season, like many others in the world, has been extended due to the closures of Spain in the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Normally, the season would have ended on May 24, 2020. Messi`s lawyers will no doubt argue that the intention of the parties at the time of signing Messi`s contract was that Messi would have a few weeks after the end of the season to consider his future before entering the final season of his contract, and would be able to decide by June 10, 2020 whether he would stay or leave. As a result, given the season extension, the deadline should also be extended. Let`s be honest, if Barca prepares to bring Messi to justice to enforce a contract because the superstar wants to leave, it means that the relationship between the club and the player is already compromised. Another option that Messi had (although there was no likely agreement) would have been to seek a written modification of his contract based on the effects of COVID-19 when the pandemic began. While Barcelona would no doubt have been alarmed and would not have performed any variation, Messi would have known his position very early and could have been able to fulfil his resignation at the deadline. „Messi can`t walk,“ he told Radio Marca. „He will have to leave in 2021. I have seen the treaty, and it is very clear.

The clause ended in June and there is no turning back. Lionel Messi will play three years in the Premier League before signing a „five-year contract“ with the City Football Group (CFG), according to reports. After announcing his intention to leave the club, Lionel Messi said on Friday that he would now stay at Barcelona and honor last year on his current contract. Barcelona claims the clause expired on June 10 and told Messi that he had to stay until the end of his contract or pay the buyout clause. Of course, La Liga has recently maintained Barcelona`s insistence on a 700 million euro buyout clause, according to Messi is still a Barcelona player until 2021, according to his contract. Lionel Messi signs a new four-year contract of 500,000 $US a week in Barcelona with a release clause of 300 million euros: „The club paid the players, but it`s not a question of money, there`s a contract signed and that`s it.“ An incredible 700 million euro ($626 million) buyout clause has been inserted into Messiah`s contract, which is expected to pay potential candidates to lure him out of the Nou camp.