The EFTA States signed a free trade agreement with Israel on 17 September 1992 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Agreement entered into force on 1 January 1993. On 22 November 2018, modernised and extended bilateral agricultural agreements were signed in Geneva. These new agreements will enter into force and replace the existing agreements after ratification by the respective EFTA States and Israel. You can find more information about the new agreements below on this page. If you have any questions about trade from 1 January 2021, contact the Department for International Trade (DIT). The Agreement applies to trade in fish and other seafood products (Article 2 and Annex II). The EFTA States and Israel grant duty-free access to virtually all imports of fishery products. See the list of minimum transactions in Article 7 of the Protocol on Rules of Origin in the text of the Trade and Partnership Agreement between the United Kingdom and Israel. Customs duties applicable to bilateral trade in goods between the United Kingdom and Israel will continue to apply from the entry into force of the Agreement. However, in some cases, non-preferential rates may actually be lower due to changes to the UK`s most-favoured-nation tariff schedule. Israel is currently our 24th largest trading partner with a total (bilateral) of goods in 2017 of $34.5 billion.

Merchandise exports totaled $12.6 billion; Imports of goods totaled $21.9 billion. The US trade deficit with Israel amounted to $US 9.4 billion in 2017. You can use online tools to negotiate with the UK and check how goods are exported to verify product- and country-specific information regarding customs duties and rules that currently apply to trade in goods in the UK. These tools are regularly updated to reflect changes. Israel-United States Free Trade Agreement (FTA) In April 1985, Israel and the United States concluded an agreement establishing a free trade area. Under the agreement, import duties between the two countries were phased out. Import duties were completely abolished with effect from 1 January 1995 (insurance contributions – BITHA – are levied on foodstuffs and agricultural products imported from the United States). Only products originating in the United States imported directly from the United States and bearing a Certificate of Origin Form A are entitled to customs rebates. Israel-EFTA Free Trade Agreement On 1 January 1993, a free trade agreement was signed between Israel and the EFTA countries, which led to the immediate abolition of import duties on industrial products. .