At least two months (or even three months) before construction begins, you may need to send a notice to all owners of a building affected by your construction project. Depending on the proposed start date, we advise you to do so as soon as possible. iv) do not use the standard or the wrong form of communication. The shape of the indication for digging the foundations is different from a party wall. (ii) not to inform all the neighbours concerned. These include the free owner and anyone with a lease of more than one year. If you live in a semi-detached house, neighbors on both sides may be affected depending on the construction. An owner who lives next door to the apartments may have to make an announcement for a number of different people. Check the property through the registry.

4. If you are now in dispute, then you must appoint a party surveyor and require that your neighbour also appoint the same surveyor you have chosen or name his or hers within 10 days. The renovation of the garage is a „change of use.“ Therefore, a building permit is required with regard to moisture protection, insulation, escape routes, fire protection, ventilation, construction strength. Submit a construction notice or application to the local authority to inform them of your garage construction project. An owner wishes to dig or dig up part of the building or adjacent structure within SIX METRES when part of the proposed excavation, building or structure within the 6-metre structure reaches a plan pulled down towards the excavation at a 45-degree angle to the horizontal. You need a cooperation agreement with your neighbour/owner if you intend to do unverifiable work on any of the following works; If the neighbors accept the communication, you will not need a convention contract or a party price, and the work can continue. However, if they do not respond or deviate, you must execute the party wall agreement, which is prepared by the surveyor. Before you start building the garage, thoroughly evaluate the existing structure of your garage. This will help you understand where and how to start work. Assessing the existing structure of your garage space is essential because it determines your future strategies and proposed plan for space.

It also helps you determine if the existing conditions are optimal for heavy construction work. Could you guess if a garage wall is actually a „party wall“ if it is at the border of two properties, and other tips on how to approach this approach would be highly appreciated. A contractor must inform all adjacent owners of the planned construction work. The reporting obligations depend on the nature of the work to be carried out: the law on the walls of the party covers more than the aforementioned party walls, it also refers to „neighbouring excavations“, i.e. the process of digging holes or ditches in your country at certain distances from your neighbouring structures. These structures can be all of a garden wall, a shed, a garage, a pool house or their main lot. And the distances can reach 6 meters. These include residential, commercial and industrial buildings. 1.The neighbour agrees to use your proposed surveyor. It would be an agreement to use a common surveyor between the two parties. Our recommended surveyor charges $750 plus VAT for each price required.

These are the fees for each price, so if several neighbors ask for this, then the fees would go up.