.For an explanation of this agreement, see information file C5-87, overview of uniform marketing agreements. This contract, if signed by both parties, is an agreement between an independent supplier (driver) and the independent delivery driver service. The driver accepts the following requirements as acceptable minimum conditions of the agreement: b) The cooperative`s corrective measures. If the member has not entered into the delivery, with the exception of the conditions of force majeure described in paragraph 2, or if the co-operative refuses in good faith an offer of delivery under this agreement or a contract to market goods, the co-operative may, in good faith and without undue delay, pursue the corrective measures provided for in this paragraph. The co-op can make any reasonable purchase of cereals to replace grain due by members. The co-operative has the right, in the event of a breach of this agreement or a marketing contract, to object to the breach or issue a specified benefit. In addition, the co-op is entitled to an amount equal to 25% of the market value of the grain that the member has not or has not provided. The market value is determined by using the highest price of the grain in question at the point of delivery set by the co-op during the 30-day period following the member`s violation of this agreement. In the event of non-performance by the member under this agreement or a raw material marketing contract, or if this non-performance results in the termination of the member`s affiliation with the co-op, the member accepts that, in addition to any other recourse to the co-op`s disposal, the amount of damage that the member may be required to pay to the co-op will be credited to the member`s units. , other capital support or other account balances that belong to members. The Member undertakes to pay all reasonable legal costs and costs, including legal fees, incurred by the co-op in any action brought by the co-op against the member for a violation or threat of violation of this agreement. This PDF model for partnership agreements contains the essential and most common provisions required in a partnership agreement, including.

Use this example to quickly produce partnership documents. Many of our contract models are designed to include basic sections such as terms and conditions of employment, staff responsibilities, compensation and benefits and contain an agreement that is not disclosed or is commonly known as NOAs. These common sections are the benefits to make your contract management process more efficient and efficient. The essence is that these PDF contract templates justify the function and duties of each party. And again, like a document signed by both parties, a contract is enforceable in court. 4. Delivery. The member agreed that the co-operative could set a delivery plan for all tufts of members that were concluded under similar agreements, and also set shorter delivery times than each year (in this case, the member`s annual delivery requirement would be proportional to the delivery times provided by this agreement). The member agrees to provide the member`s cereals attached by the co-op to all members, when prepared by the co-op, and accepts that the risk of grain loss remains in the member`s hands until the member`s cereals are delivered to and accepted by the co-op.