Take a good look at this sentence! Remember! Close your eyes and visualize it! Particular attention to the absence of verb, which is not due to the fact that it is not and period. There are always expressions to be found, such as an agreement, which means „to reach an agreement.“ The word „agreement“ is Nov. The phrase I agree with you does not exist and never existed! This is a very common mistake, but also very easy to avoid. Very good your blog I will use these phrases a lot:blush: (after an accidental interruption someone) Sorry, go ahead. OR sorry, you say… (after interruption) They didn`t finish me. (Depois to interrupt alguém sem querer: Desculpe, continues or Desculpe, or is missing?) To learn English from a beginner level, there is no better method than Basic English, which is available in Apple Amazon.com, Amazon.es and iBooks, in addition to my other side, gumroad.com/danielwelsch The theme is this: use in Spanish, but in English, accept is a verb and does not use help. If you don`t watch the video, click here: Do you agree with me? (Depois must be interned:Voco no me deixou finish) Venho trazer here but Phrases for vocs aumentarem seus vocabul-rios! Yehee Today tackles a similar topic: verbs agree and contradict those who are supposed to agree or disagree in Spanish. The expressions that I do not agree with, and I do not agree with, are basically the same. Otherwise, these are phrases of mere presence like the others: the question is asked with do/do and denial with don`t/doesn`t.

Yesterday we have different expressions of being with and have that do not translate directly between English and Spanish. If you already know the essentials, there is the second volume, Basic English 2, which puts you at the forefront. As usual, some of what I earn goes to charity, because I like to go to good causes when I can. That`s impressive! What a great blog! It helped me a lot! congratulations! He deserved the climax.