(F) All agreements and agreements between the parties are included in this agreement, which replaces and terminates all other agreements between the parties. The rights of one of the parties regarding products sold by the company to the distributor under previous agreements are governed by this agreement, provided, however, that the rights and obligations of the parties under existing security agreements or other agreements are not altered or altered in any way. Bonds can also be offered and sold to non-U.S. companies. Persons in offshore transactions referring to Regulation S.Each trader has agreed that he will not offer and will not offer notes of tranches or series within the United States, or on behalf or on behalf or for the benefit of U.S. persons (notwithstanding the current Regulation S under the Securities Act, offers and sales of securities within the United States under certain limits , in defined circumstances in this regard). ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Händler sind Großhändler, die bei Herstellern kaufen und an Händler verkaufen, während Händler Einzelhändler sind, die bei Händlern kaufen und an die Öffentlichkeit verkaufen. It is likely that merchants who buy from a specific distributor will work in the distributor`s territory. Distributors rely on successful resellers for a successful business.

The name of the company as part of the name of the trader or in any way that would misrepres light the relationship between the trader and the company. The distributor may present itself as an „authorized distributor“ of the company and, with the company`s prior approval, use the company`s name and trademarks related to the product on panels or other advertising or promotional materials. The distributor`s license to use the company`s name and trademarks is limited and the distributor occasionally complies with the restrictions and restrictions imposed by the company. At the end of the agreement, the distributor will immediately cease to represent itself as the company`s distributor and will cease to use all company names and trademarks, as well as any signs or other materials of any kind that identify the merchant as the company`s trader, will be removed or removed. The distributor must not present its organization as a manufacturer or manufacturer of 4×4 products to the competition. There must be a clear distinction between the company`s products sold that the distributor is the „authorized distributor“ and not the manufacturer or manufacturer or products of the company. The distributor may use company photos to display products in case each photo contains a watermark image of the company name and logo.