While UETA and E-Sign require the parties to first accept the transaction electronically, the agreement is considered in light of the circumstances surrounding the transaction. For example, the courts will verify whether the parties have explicitly or implicitly accepted the transaction electronically. The implied agreement may be based on ongoing negotiations about e-mail, the parties using e-mail as their primary means of communication, or the specific content of the e-mail. To deny such an agreement, the courts will also check whether any of the parties has an additional disclaimer to their emails, which refuses the content of emails that should be interpreted as a binding offer or acceptance. Most people think of contracts as formal agreements recorded and signed in writing by the parties involved, often with lawyers present, but the fact is that a contract is just an agreement between several parties on the exchange of valuables and the physical form of the contract is not so important. Emails often have a disclaimer in the footer stating that an email exchange cannot constitute a legally binding contract. In other cases, it is stated that any offer submitted is subject to the general conditions of the sender. So you need to look back through emails to see exactly what was said and see how much your customer relied on that statement. When most people think of contracts, they think of agreements between parties who have committed to writing and assume that a contract is not valid unless it is written on paper and signed. The applicant claimed that the agreement also escaped the defendant`s obligation to purchase a minimum amount of GBP 1.3 million during that period, which the defendant disputed on the ground that it had not undertaken to purchase products unless it had filed a specific order. The defendant argued that, in Superdrug`s general terms and conditions of purchase, there was no indication that they agreed to conditions for the purchase of minimum quantities or that they would be bound by such conditions if an employee consented to them. One of the issues that may arise is the authenticity of emails between the parties….