The salvation of youth through Jesus Christ. We consider youth work as the work of the Church, carried out for, with and by young people. As I love the Lord Jesus, I promise to actively participate in the service of the Church`s youth and to do all I can to help others and end evangelical work throughout the world. Other degrees par excellence include so-called physical merit classes, which are as follows: silver medal and gold medal. They are characterized by the strong promotion of the physical and sporting development of young people and young people who are in the framework of the Pathfinder Club, the Adventurers Club and the Youth Club. [21] While the Pathfinder Club exists primarily for young people, one of its main goals is to also meet parents and Church members by actively participating in the club. [18] The purpose of this commitment is to properly repress (or repress) the gap between generations that approach youth and adults to work and have fun together in a set of common experiences. [16] In the spiritual realm, the Pathfinder-Club has the notion of Christian citizenship. This is an integral part of working with young people and defines the concepts (or the second tripod) of „citizenship and loyalty“ which are three: serving God, homeland and others. The social work of the entire department is inspired by this concept.

[28] Actively participate in the work of the Adventist Youth Society. This means being involved in the activities of the AY Society, including meetings and public relations. Adventist youth will always be ready to help someone and will support their AY society and the Church in their various activities. Although Scouts resemble in many ways,[4] Scouts have greater spiritual importance over all their activities. [5] [6] Since 1950, the Pathfinder Club has been officially part of the youth work of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Currently, the program is managed worldwide by dominican director Andrés J. Peralta. [7] The GC Youth Ministries website is offered to you on condition that you accept the conditions and indications contained therein without modification. By using the GC Youth Ministries website, you agree to all of these terms and conditions. Love the Lord Jesus.

This idea of introduction directs our minds toward the motto of Adventist youth….