Where an agent is mandated under an exclusive sales rights agreement, only that agent may market the business for sale for the duration of the period of the exclusive sales rights. It is of course quite possible that an exclusive sales contract is terminated and a seller then orders a new real estate agent to market the property for sale. However, depending on the wording of the original contract, the original agent may still be entitled to a fee if he entered into or conducted negotiations with the subsequent purchaser, while his exclusive contract of right of sale was in force, even if it could be said that the new agent proceeded with the actual introduction. Assuming the former agent made an effective introduction, it doesn`t matter if it turned out to be the actual introduction [Dashwood v Foils]. Experience teaches us that signing an individual representation contract is by far the best option, but it`s time to discuss the pros and cons and consider the perceptions around each of them. You can ask questions, seek independent advice, talk to more than one agent, and negotiate what is written in the agency contract. You can negotiate schedule, commission, expenses or services. Make sure that you and your lawyer or mediator are satisfied with the agreement before signing it. The list of agencies that use standard clauses in their brokerage contracts is available here in the list of real estate agencies. From a commercial point of view too, it is essential that your brokerage contract contains all the necessary conditions in addition to the legal requirements.