I already know from the forum that the PCP/Finance agreement should have a 14-day cooling-off period, but not the vehicle order form. So, in that respect, the financial agreement shouldn`t have been activated before I took delivery of the car, right? I hope the funding agreement can be simply terminated and in the worst case scenario, I will lose only my $500 deposit? Am I right to think so? Well, the financial offer is vehicle specific, so the offer they gave you should already include mileage. I assume the dealer quoted you on that same vehicle and not on another vehicle. I saw an ad for a PCP deal on a new one that I found excellent. So, Saturday afternoon, I went to a dealership, I just left. I wanted a new car and not registered on PCP and p/x my car against. Anyway, a deal was made in this direction and I signed a new vehicle order form for a new car and had my PCP application accepted. Now, it was all a bit of an emergency job, since the agreement was only available until March 31. So I left a $500 deposit, and asked if they could make me sound on Monday with a selection of new license plates. On Monday, they rang my house and I chose my license plate, in a hurry, because they had to check it in that day. Later that day, they emailed me a copy of the financing contract/PCP so I could check them, sign them and return them. Of course, I checked the information on the financial document that matched the information on the copy of the new mission form before signing and making the financial document. When I checked the new vehicle order form, I realized the agreement that we had accepted orally and that we had shown me on hand the written figures of the car seller, this was not what had been transcribed on the new order form of the vehicle that I had actually signed and I felt so wrong.

The next morning (Tuesday 31/03), I rang the merchant`s house and shared my anger with them and told them that I had been misled and that I would not sign the financing document until all this had been resolved to my satisfaction. The car salesman I dealt with on Saturday wasn`t there, so I spoke to another car salesman who registered my complaint with the CEO and said, „Leave me and look inside.“ After many telephone conversations and negotiations with this guy, they agreed to respect what was initially discussed/agreed orally, and I asked them to send me a new offer and a new revised vehicle order form, which they did correctly (finally) with a revised pcp/financial document. I checked all this again, I was satisfied with what he said so I signed the PCP/Finance document and sent it back by email in the afternoon. However, I have not signed the revised form for ordering new vehicles. It was agreed on Monday, when the License plate Auto Reg was chosen, that I would take the car this Friday (April 3rd) to pick it up at the dealership, which is why I desperately need help! Hello Stuart I went through the Carwow website for a new mercedes car purchase.